Youth Program

Our Youth Program

Our children classes at Aikido Montreux present the Art in a way that is accessible to all. We strive to introduce the elements of harmonious interaction, creative conflict resolution, and positive confidence in oneself. We work in an environment that is challenging, joyful, and non competitive. We stress the need for the students to accept the decision to practise as being their own. We encourage them to take responsibility for their own choice to participate and learn. Students follow a traditional curriculum as well as explore innovative excercises in order to help grow as a complete individual. Nothing is forced at Aikido Montreux, students are invited to join the practice after being given an introduction to the etiquette of the dojo and guidelines to cooperative training. The program at Aikido Montreux offers not only three classes per week for youth but also includes demonstrations, seminars, overnight training sleepover parties, and a yearly summer day camp. We encourage the development of the students without losing the joy of the practice.

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