Aikido Montreux offers a fulltime uchideshi (live in student) program for those who wish to commit to the art and their own development in a deeper way. Cassidy Sensei has supervised an uchideshi program for over ten years both here in Montreux and in his first dojo, Aikido of Fresno. During that time he has worked with over 100 individuals on a personal basis helping to co create a program that challenges each person to take on their self evolution. Within the framework of Aikido training, yoga, meditation and discussion the uchideshi steps on a path of their own self discovery and self expression, freeing themselves from conditioned patterns. Those inspired in training at a professional level and intensity, looking into questions essential to themselves and the practice as a whole, and challenging themselves to take a step to a new level, are invited to contact us for more information about our program.

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