"a wonderful perspective that challenges us to meet aggression with harmony, and see it as an opportunity to evolve"

Youth program

"We strive to introduce the elements of harmonious interaction, creative conflict resolution, and positive confidence in oneself"


"a process of self-discovery and exploration beyond what we think we already know"


"Within the framework of Aikido training, yoga, meditation and discussion the uchideshi steps on a path of their own self discovery and self expression, freeing themselves from conditioned patterns."


"it is possible to discover a natural state of being, free from the definitions of personal history, limited self image, and future projection"


Thank you for visiting us here, we are a full time Aikido dojo located in Montreux, Switzerland.

We are committed to being a support for the awakening, transformation and evolution of the human individual, our society and the global community.
By offering the path of Aikido, the practice of Yoga, and the approach of Meditation, Aikido Montreux aims to give the student the clear perspective, skills and techniques for self discovery and transformation. The program places the emphasis on bringing this development into all levels of life and community, integrating these new experiences into who we are and how we live.
Upcoming events
Aikido Seminar in Arnhem, Holland with Patrick @ Aikido in Arnhem
Jul 1 @ 19:30 – Jul 3 @ 14:00
Aikido Seminar in Arnhem, Holland with Patrick @ Aikido in Arnhem

Join Patrick in his first visit to Arnhem, Holland, for an inspiring Aikido Seminar.

The theme: Alignment with Ourselves

Please visit the official website to learn all about this event!

Aikido seminar with Patrick Cassidy

Valais Retreat with Patrick @ Hotel-Pension Beau-Site
Jul 15 @ 18:00 – Jul 17 @ 14:00
[:en]Valais Retreat with Patrick[:fr]Retraite en Valais avec Patrick[:] @ Hotel-Pension Beau-Site

Join Patrick for our annual Aikido and Yoga exploration in the beautiful Beau Site hotel in the Swiss alps.

For information regarding prices and schedule please visit the official site here

Or contact us at


EAC Aiki Summer Intensive 2022 @ Aikido Montreux
Aug 3 @ 18:00 – Aug 7 @ 12:00

Join our Summer Aikido Intensive with Patrick Cassidy, Dave Goldberg, Ray Butcher and teachers from the EAC community! For 5 days we will be engaging in Aikido, contemplation, meditation, yoga, community dialogue and celebration.


Where: Aikido Montreux (rue industrielle 22 bis, 1820 Montreux)

When: Wednesday 3rd August evening through Sunday 7th August afternoon.

Fees for the event:

  • Wednesday night: 30 CHF
  • Thursday or Friday whole day: 80 CHF
  • Saturday whole day: 100 CHF
  • Sunday: 50 CHF.
  • Whole event: 270 CHF.
  • Whole weekend (Sat/Sun): 120 CHF

Contact for registration details.


Our teachers:

Patrick Cassidy, Dave Goldberg, Ray Butcher, Josef Jurgens, Heidrun Hoffman, and Jo Theys


Schedule coming soon.


Feel free to contact us for any questions.


Hope to see you soon on the mats!

What others say about us:

Our instructors

Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
6th Dan / Head instructor
Durward Burell
Durward Burell
5th Dan / Yoga instructor
Mitchy Ogata
Mitchy Ogata
3rd Dan / Yoga instructor
Marie-Aude Mayor
Marie-Aude Mayor
3rd Dan / Yoga instructor


Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Aikido Montreux with your questions and comments. We are in the midst of creating a new internet presence and your patience is appreciated. We are excited by our new evolution and are looking forward to a creatively expressing our work in new ways.