World Dojo

This is an invitation to take a step into a new dimension of being, action, and relationship, with yourself, your Aikido practice, and the World around you. Aikido Montreux is initiating a program of contemplation, development, transformation, and community entitled the "World Dojo". Within the World Dojo Project, participants engage in a process of an exploration and introspection much like a live in student (uchideshi) at Aikido Montreux, working with Patrick. The WD Program will entail exercises to formulate personal intention, to discover inspiration and life vision, and to enter into the experience of our limitless ground of being and explore its relationship with the expression of Aikido and our Life as a whole. Each individual will be engaged directly with Patrick. There will be with regular phone interviews, and conference calls with the World Dojo community. Each member will be invited to a yearly retreat and work on personal and communal explorations, exercises and projects. The World Dojo Program will be easily integrated into Life on a daily basis but it will not be like any other activity. It has the power to transform our experience of all things into a movement that is new, real, and very authentic. It can liberate the spirit of our inspiration, open perspectives outside of holding patterns, and transform our Lifes into expressions of the miraculous nature of our inherent being. For individuals interested in more information please contact the dojo.

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