Valais Retreat 2020

July 10, 2020 @ 18:00 – July 12, 2020 @ 15:00
Hotel-Pension Beau-Site
Chemin du Mont 13
1927 Chemin

Valais Retreat 2020

Join us for our annual spiritual voyage deep into the Art of Aikido with Durward Burrell sensei, 5th Dan and Patrick Cassidy sensei, 6th Dan.

Here during our retreat in the Swiss Alps, we engage ourselves with the questions that gave birth to the perspective of Aikido.
Who am I? Why am I here? What is my relationship with Life?

This year’s theme in particular will be “Accessing wisdom and creativity in the face of crisis”.

Patrick Valais 2016








When:  July 10th, 18:00 –  July 12th, 15:00, 2020
Where: Hotel-Pension 
Beau-Site, Chemin du Mont 13, 1927 Chemin, Suisse.
Price: Full price including booking reservation, lodging, vegetarian meals and seminar:
330 CHF.- for triple room
370 CHF.- for double room
50 CHF.- for booking reservation to be paid in advance (non-refundable)
Means de payment :
Bank transfer to Aikido Vevey
17-429485-0 CHF
IBAN: CH29 0900 0000 1742 9485
Or PayPal:

Information and registration:


Here is the programe for the weekend:


18-19h Registration/ Inscription

19-19.30h Welcome (dojo) / Accueil dans le dojo

19.30-20.30 Dinner/ Souper

21-22.30h Training


Saturday / samedi :

8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast/ Petit-déjeuner

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30h Lunch/ Diner

15-17.30h Training (with Tea/Coffee break)

17.30-18.30h Dan test/ Examens

19-20h Dinner/ Souper

20-21h Aiki Jam


Sunday / dimanche :

8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast(in silence) / Petit-déjeuner (en silence)

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30 Lunch/ Diner

14-15h Final gathering (dojo)/ Fin de la retraite ensemble (dojo)


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