EAC Aikido summer Intensive August 5th-10th

Join us for this wonderful week of training, meditating and sharing community space among different inspired teachers.

Here is one of our Teacher for this great event

My name Is Dave Goldberg, and I’m the chief instructor of Aikido of San Diego. Teaching aikido is my full time gig. I also dabble in comedic/theatrical improv, and I’m a dad to twin 16-year-old boys. What inspires me most about aikido these days is it’s potential as an embodied artistic expression. In this way, Aikido is beauty and empowerment in harmony. I love to explore this. I like to place emphasis on the single continuum of energetic movement between uke and nage, the mutually supportive relationship between them, and the basic 4 embodied elements of earth, water, fire, and air. These three aspects are the cornerstones of my evolutionary path.


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