Feb 24 @ 11:00 – 12:00


















Contakids is a methodology based on the idea that using physical contact and play can help develop a deeper form of communication between parents and children: children can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young.

ContaKids helps strengthen both parents and children, stimulates the development of healthy reflexes like balance and grip, encourages proprioception and self-confidence, helps parents take care of their own bodies when playing games with their children. Provides a relaxed environment to build a deeper physical connection between the parent and child.

30 CHF in advance.
We will send you details about payment method

10 pair of a parent and a child are available. Reservation will be completed once the payment is made.

Evolutionary Aikido Seminar with Patrick Cassidy @ Hara Kai Aikido Torino
Mar 1 @ 19:30 – Mar 3 @ 12:30
The Ki Musubi of Aikido @ Aikido Montreux
Mar 23 @ 11:00 – 17:30

‘The Inter-connective Web of Aiki’.

Come and explore together with Patrick Cassidy Sensei and Bjorn Saw Sensei the inter-connective balance of Aikido. Come and learn and practice the non-confrontational art of ‘Being with’ instead of opposing, both on a physical, energetic and spiritual level. Go from a gross to a subtle engagement, go from the surface to the depth of experience. Become more sensitive and fuller in your expression.

70.00 CHF Swiss Franc for the day.

The day will be concluded with a Dan Grading after the scheduled time and then we’ll all go out for a meal in Montreux.

Visitors are able to be accommodated in the dojo. Please contact Aikido Montreux directly.

Bavarian Castle Seminar with P. Cassidy @ Burg Trausnitz bei Pfreimd
May 3 @ 09:30 – May 5 @ 09:00

Join us for this wonderful weekend of practice in a beautiful Bavarian Castle!

Riviera Seminar 2019 Evolving together
Jun 7 @ 18:30 – Jun 9 @ 14:30







Join Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy in the yearly exploration of the path of Aikido.

This year’s theme is Evolving Together and will be the focus of the weekend’s contemplation and training.
The Riviera Seminar is an international event bringing many different Aikido communities together to explore the art of Aikido outside of stylistic differences.

For detailed information and registration:


Patrick Cassidy, 6th Dan from Montreux, Switzerland

Miles Kessler, 6th Dan from Tel Aviv, Israel

Seminar fee: 110 CHF for those that register and pay by April 1st.
For those that register and pay by May 1st, the seminar fee will be 120 CHF.
After that the seminar fee is 130 CHF.

For questions related to the seminar, parking, sleeping and other organizational issues please contact us directly at the Dojo Aikido Montreux!

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The weekend seminar will be followed by one day open event on Monday, June 10th. This event, “Connecting with Source”, is open to all. (more info to come) Please add 30 CHF if you are training during the weekend, 50 CHF if you are only attending the Monday.

Registration officially opens Jan 12.

Valais Retreat 2019 @ Hotel-Pension Beau-Site
Jul 12 @ 18:00 – Jul 14 @ 15:00


Patrick Valais 2016

Valais Retreat 2019


Join us for our annual spiritual voyage deep into the Art of Aikido with
Patrick Cassidy Sensei, 6th Dan!

All practitioners of Aikido, regardless of style or rank, are welcome to participate in this weekend of “Evolutionary Aikido”. This retreat offers the individual the chance to awaken and evolve, to discover and transform.
The  theme for this year is will be available soon
This retreat is unique, join us for a quiet retreat in an amazing landscape, for a deep voyage into the Art of Aikido!


visit the website:


When: July 11th, 18:00 – July 14th, 15:00, 2019
Where: Hotel-Pension Beau-Site, Chemin du Mont 13, 1927 Chemin, Switzerland
Prices: from 330CHF to 370CHF depending on your room, accommodation and meals (vegetarian) are included.
We ask each participant to pay 50 CHF in advance in order to make the reservation to the hotel.
Registration: Please contact us!

To sign up, please contact us here at Aikido Montreux.

Come and join our exploration deep into the art of Aikido and “Compassion, Power and Freedom”!

Find the event schedule below:


18-19h Registration/ Inscription

19-19.30h Welcome (dojo) / Accueil dans le dojo

19.30-20.30 Dinner/ Souper

21-22.30h Training



8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast/ Petit-déjeuner

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30h Lunch/ Diner

15-17.30h Training (with Tea/Coffee break)

17.30-18.30h Dan test/ Examens

19-20h Dinner/ Souper

20-21h Aiki Jam

21-22h Samurai Game



8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast(in silence) / Petit-déjeuner (en silence)

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30 Lunch/ Diner

14-15h Final gathering (dojo)/ Fin de la retraite ensemble (dojo)

Uster Seminar
Oct 11 @ 19:00 – Oct 13 @ 13:00

Capture d’écran 2017-07-12 à 14.52.05


More info to come soon, but you can already save the date!

Seminar Address: Aikido Unlimited, Uster West 12, 8610 Uster


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