Valais Retreat 2017 @ Hotel-Pension Beau-Site
Jul 14 @ 18:00 – Jul 16 @ 15:00


Patrick Valais 2016

Valais Retreat 2017


Join us for our annual spiritual voyage deep into the Art of Aikido with
Patrick Cassidy Sensei, 6th Dan!

All practitioners of Aikido, regardless of style or rank, are welcome to participate in this weekend of “Evolutionary Aikido”. This retreat offers the individual the chance to awaken and evolve, to discover and transform.

The  theme for this year is ” Compassion, Power and Freedom”

This retreat is unique, join us for a quiet retreat in an amazing landscape, for a deep voyage into the Art of Aikido!


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When: July 14, 18:00 – July 16, 15:00, 2017
Where: Hotel-Pension Beau-Site, Chemin du Mont 13, 1927 Chemin, Switzerland
Prices: from 330CHF to 370CHF depending on your room, accommodation and meals (vegetarian) are included.
We ask each participant to pay 50 CHF in advance in order to make the reservation to the hotel.
Registration: Please contact us!

To sign up, please contact us here at Aikido Montreux.

Come and join our exploration deep into the art of Aikido and “Compassion, Power and Freedom”!

Find the event schedule below:


18-19h Registration/ Inscription

19-19.30h Welcome (dojo) / Accueil dans le dojo

19.30-20.30 Dinner/ Souper

21-22.30h Training



8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast/ Petit-déjeuner

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30h Lunch/ Diner

15-17.30h Training (with Tea/Coffee break)

17.30-18.30h Dan test/ Examens

19-20h Dinner/ Souper

20-21h Aiki Jam

21-22h Samurai Game



8-9h Meditation/Yoga

9-10h Breakfast(in silence) / Petit-déjeuner (en silence)

10.30-12h Training

12.30-13.30 Lunch/ Diner

14-15h Final gathering (dojo)/ Fin de la retraite ensemble (dojo)

Summer Aiki Intensive 2017 @ Aikido Montreux
Aug 6 – Aug 12 all-day

Aikido Pratrick Cassidy Sensei

Patrick Cassidy

Carolina van Haperen

Durward Burrell









Join our annual Aikido Summer Intensive Week andSeminar!

We are happy to announce that Ray Butcher, Peter Fankhauser, Julia Geissberger, Joseph Jürgen, Heidrun Hoffman, Mitchy Ogota and Antony Martinez are joining the team of instructors for the first time this year.

The teachers will be leading a week of shared exploration deep into the principles of Aikido, Yoga and Meditation. We are looking forward to a week of physical embodiment practice, focused contemplation, dialogues, unity awareness and an evolutionary process of transformation, accessed from a perspective of spiritual insight.

To conclude this very special week, on Saturday we will have a full day seminar and a joyful community get-together to celebrate the evening after. If the weather allows, we will have a BYOB BBQ by the lake.

You will have the opportunity to sleep in the Dojo, join our communal meals and experience our “Dojo-life” here at Aikido Montreux. Of cause, you can choose to sleep and eat out, or sleep outside and still join our communal meals. Please understand that you can not prepare your personal meals in the Dojo during the Intensive Week. Please let us know about your preferences with your registration!

Please note that we have this year an extra day on Sunday August 6th!


  • sleep in Dojo: 380CHF
  • sleep outside Dojo: 340CHF
  • incl. all classes and events throughout the week and the seminar on saturday
  • food is not included/ communal meals are 7CHF per meal

For registration contact us here at Aikido Montreux!

If you are using Facebook, don’t hesitate to sign up for the Facebook event

We will collect your payment in cash when you arrive.

We are looking forward to you joining the most special week in our Aikido-year!

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